College Fund (Section 3) Applications

Section 3(1) of the St John's College Trusts Act sets out the purposes of funding from the College Fund.  The funding from section 3(1), often referred to as General Funding, provides funding for the purposes of St John's College in Auckland and the education programmes of recognised episcopal units of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.


​Episcopal units may include but are not solely limited to Amorangi, Diocese, Ministry Bodies, Common Life bodies, Commissions, Schools and Parishes.  If you have any queries regarding eligibility please contact the Trust's Secretary.

Applications for Section 3/Education Programmes are not being sought in 2020, due to the COVID crisis, with all existing funding recipients having their funding rolled over in 2021.

If you are submitting a NEW application for funding, please use the following form:

If you are applying to CONTINUE a multi-year funding application that you previously submitted to the Trust, please use the following form:

Approved applications for funding from the College Fund (section 3) for September 30th 2019 are available to view below:

We encourage you to refer to the Trust's Funding Manual when submitting any application to the Trust: